Wow; That Was AWESOME!

Our first real Metcash Expo experience was full of excitement and surprises. We made friends, sampled great products and proved to ourselves that we belonged. The countless hours of planning, the meticulous budgeting and the arguments have all paid off. 

And sure enough this next part may be a little cliché, but it needs to be said… “No one ever really knows what goes on behind the scenes of these fantastic events; from the turmoil of making the initial financial commitment to the last crucial piece of artwork that fills an empty void, it all takes dedication, inspiration and a will to be the best. We are fortunate at Coolphase to have that perfect team, the symmetric balance of conflict, creativity and expertise to get the job done right. 

However, this all wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our fantastic partners, De Rigo RefrigerationBeijer Ref and Embraco 

De Rigo Refrigeration our product partner has been instrumental in providing us with financial support and most importantly cabinets that Australia can love and rely on. Andrea Lacedelli the De Rigo export manager has never waivered with his faith in our ability to represent the De Rigo Refrigeration brand (and also spent every minute with us on our stand), which we truly appreciate, thanks Andrea. 

The partnership with Beijer Ref and Embraco was born from our desire to display a full natural refrigerant solution and our continued commitment to our community and environment. An idea that we presented to Beijer Ref who embraced the concept with both hands and presented us with an introduction to our new friends at Embraco! A “Plug and Cool” unit was supplied for our Unicel cold room and bam, the final natural piece of the puzzle was in place! 

To all of the people that worked tireless hours, to our friends that came to visit, to our partners that risked financial commitment, (to anyone that we have forgotten) and to Metcash for providing us with the opportunity, we thank you and look forward to being even bigger and better next year!