What Makes a Great Apprentice

The Coolphase Way

What makes a great apprentice? Interest.

A kid that wants to learn will always be taught. So, at Coolphase we teach. We take kids that have a love for electrical and turn them into craftsman. In short, here are the attributes we look for, and how you can succeed.


Great questions. When I started my apprenticeship the boss drilled into me, “An apprentice is only as good as the questions he asks”. So, I instantly thought I was a bad apprentice; I didn’t ask anything. But as I was to learn, there is a grace period. The more you experience you gain the more questions you can ask. And if you show interest you will be fine. Questions represent enthusiasm.


“I believe questions are better than answers” Jim Collins


Attention to detail. At Coolphase we train craftsmen not just tradesmen. In particular we like our people to take pride in what you can’t see. When we train apprentices, we expect every job no matter how small, to be done right. From a piece of cable tray to a span of conduit, everything should be done with a high degree of personal satisfaction. Be proud of what you do.


Honesty, patience and resilience. Being an apprentice can be tough. In most cases a young person will start their trade fresh out of school. In year 11 or 12 you are nearing the top of the tree, you have friends, knowledge and respect. But bam! Now you’re a first year. Our society has changed a little over the last 40 years and apprentice hazing is a thing of the past. However, starting at the bottom can be a real shock to your self-esteem. So, be honest about what you’re going through. Be patient and most of all be resilient, you will get there.


Work ethic. As with anything in life if you work hard people will appreciate you. So, put in the effort and do what you can. The worst thing you can do as an apprentice is to stand around with your hands in your pockets or scroll endlessly through your mobile phone.


Apprentices are so important for the future of all industries. Live to learn.