Promotional Island


Promotional Island Display Fridge

The Amethyst is a plug-in / self-contained promotional island display fridge produced by De Rigo Refrigeration. Available in M1, M2 & H ratings, the Amethyst is suitable for displaying produce, cakes, berries, meat and more! The Amethyst contains R290, a natural refrigerant that boasts higher energy efficiency and has a very low global warming potential. The Amethyst can be multiplexed extending the applications that it can be used for.


Promotional Island Display Fridge/Freezer

Versatile, practical and great value, the Fiji Glass is the most adaptable cabinet in our range. It’s dual temperature and cheap. So, you’ll love it’s ease and affordability. This plug-in dual temperature display fridge can be used to display anything from frozen fish to Christmas hams.