Cooling the Keg

Our Cold Room Adventure

Cooling beer or “the Keg” is something quite sacred in our neck of the woods. And being a refrigeration company, we have the skill to do it great.

This is the story of how our chill cold room adventure began.

Every now and then you get an opportunity to express your inner passion. And sometimes that opening rolls on to something unimaginable. Sometimes your inspiration flows through others and a massive dream begins to grow.

I can’t remember how it started now but I know it was probably one of my crazy ideas that we acted on. An eBay search and a PayPal purchase later, we had our first beer tap set up. The expo cold room that was tucked in the corner had a purpose “to quench the thirst of many”. How awesome was this, draft beer by the office door!

Thirsty Thursdays and Wedgy Wednesdays are now a regular fixture of our week. We are good at unwinding and laughing about tough days. A schooner or two never goes astray.

Phase 2

As good as beer at the bottom of the stairs was, we couldn’t take it everywhere we went. Cooling “the keg” had to be stepped up. Then one of our legends had another crazy idea “We need wheels, let’s make a cold room beer tap trailer”. Boom! Beer in all directions.

And this is where wheel things get really cool. We love what we do, we love training, and we love doing great work. Our sheet metal apprentice built our first trailer. Bryce is a legend; he took on the task and smashed it. Every cut and every weld on the frame were perfect. Things kept evolving and moving on, everyone who walked past the trailer came up with a new idea. Our electricians perfected the wiring and our staff perfected consumption.


Mass Production

Our first trailer was actually sold before it was finished (thanks Linda). And that’s when we knew we were onto something. The cold room trailers were now more than just a form of entertainment for us. We built 3 more straight away. Each one better than the first. Craftsmanship at its best. The next 3 are now scheduled for production and all can be hired or purchased.

Getting It Out There

Apparently, we have a great concept on our hands. So, we’ve enlisted the help of Accentuate Web Design and Marketing to get the word out. Look for us at beer festivals, weddings or just a party on a suburban street. Hopefully, our little project will bring joy to many. #livethechill