Our Convenient “Grab & Go” Case Range

Embracing a New Trend

Grab & go, make it convenient. With our “I want it now”, tech savvy healthy convenient lifestyle comes change. We might spend hours on the internet researching products and services but when it comes to food, we want nutrition, taste and easy. And that’s where our retailers are embracing the new trend and where we can help.


Gone are the days of bland carboard box throw them in the microwave for 3 minutes meals. We now have fresher alternatives like Youfoodz “healthy eating made easy” and other producers suppling healthy convenient “grab & go” meals. Some restaurants like one of our favorite customers Lumah, offer their own handmade gourmet foods as tasty eat at home treats. To display these products and make the most out of the convenient trend you need a great fridge.


Our best convenient foods display fridges are the Onyx SV, Onyx Doors, Onyx Open and Euro Madeira. These fridges are produced in Italy by De Rigo Refrigeration and are of exceptional quality. They look great and they work great!



The Onyx SV is our signature low height “grab & go” convenience food case. Available in M1, M2 & H ratings the Onyx SV can display anything from meats to dairy to produce. This makes it the perfect solution for ready meals. The Onyx SV is part of the Coolphase environmentally friendly R290 range, a range that boasts higher energy efficiency with greater piece of mind.

ONYX SV Display Fridge featured

To make the most of your “grab & go” meals and embrace the new trend contact Coolphase and we’ll help make your great products sell!