Coolphase Electrical Services

Practical, professional and perfect!

This week we celebrated the individuality of one of the most important parts of Coolphase, our electrical team. Coolphase Electrical Services, has officially formed its own identity. By being practical, professional and committed to craftsmanship, Coolphase Electrical Services now stands proudly on its own three phases.

Coolphase Electrical Services is lead by Wayne Watson. Wayne’s reputation is synonymous with greatness within the refrigeration electrical industry. His knowledge has given him a great platform to build an excellent electrical group full of enthusiastic young tradesmen. Our whole electrical team embodies Wayne’s spirit and drive by taking pride in their work and by embracing every new challenge with a “we can do anything” attitude.

Our services include, but are not limited to: Refrigeration Electrical Installations, Refrigeration Electrical Breakdown Services and HVAC (air conditioning) Electrical Installations.

As with everything Coolphase, apprentices are at our core. Coolphase Electrical Services employs apprentices across every year level. This not only ensures our depth of talent going forward, but also provides stability for the refrigeration electrical industry. We are proud of our young people, we are proud of their commitment and mounting achievements.

Coolphase Electrical Services has been a long time in the making. There’s been hard times and exciting times, but now it’s time to shine. We want to continue our trajectory of growth and share our world of talent with you.