Bringing the Chill at the 2022 Metcash Food Expo

It's been three years since our last Metcash Expo, and we were back and better than ever.

Guess Who’s Back?

Can you believe it’s been three years since the last Metcash Expo? 2019 was our first real experience there, and wow, what a blast! We met with awesome retailers from all over Australia including some places we’d never even heard of (looking at you, Rainbow and Mooroobool). We were so excited to attend and left on a high, keen to connect with a new network and get prepped to come back the next year (or so we thought, right?).

Now it’s 2022, and, just like Metcash, we’re back and better than ever. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been busy adapting our portfolio to the ever-shifting needs of retailers navigating the challenges the pandemic. As a result, our quality products and services have improved to tailor to your store’s specific needs.

It Takes a Village…

We had over 50 of our cases scattered across the show floor, from perishables, to drinks, to fresh produce, to deli. Wow! What an awesome opportunity! But not made possible without months of hard work from our dedicated staff.

When we say this event was all hands on deck, we mean it. From our Service, Install, and Electrical teams prepping, packing and bumping in and out cases, to our Sheetmetal crew, making last minute adjustments and crafting everything we needed, to our Personnel and Financial Coordinators, making sure it all runs smoothly, to our Marketing Rep, gathering armfuls of brochures and setting up qr codes and signage, to our Sales team, networking with Metcash officials, collaborating with other businesses, organising cases, and selling our fridges on the stand! Well done to all!

…To Sell a Fridge.

And a big effort has led to a big payoff! Over 30 cases were sold! That’s 60% of our show cases, gone in 3 days!

A big favourite was our Amethyst Berry Case, a seasonal essential and profit margin secret weapon for businesses.

It was so great to chat to IGA and Foodworks retailers from all over Australia. We can’t wait to see where we go from here, and come back next year stronger than ever!

If you missed out on the expo, great news! Our Metcash Sale is continuing until the 31st of July! That means up to 55% off on our cases.

Call us now to seize these deals today!