Bare All Be Natural and Be Free

A World of Natural Refrigerants

What’s wrong with stripping down and being natural? We can get rid of synthetics, remove all fake blends and use what the earth provides, propane, Co2 and ammonia all the way! 

I had a great time speaking at ATMOsphere Australia 2019. To be on the contractor’s panel where we could share our challenges and ideas was awesome. Although nervous and flapping around like a fish out of water, I was glad to be able to share our views on mindsets and training. Critical to our future, being prepared and accepting is essential, hopefully, our ideas and beliefs were well received. 

Mindsets are so powerful they can be created or changed, developed or perfected. Our push to create a natural world will face many challenges, we will have nonbelievers, nonspenders and miserable realists. Our ability to inspire what is “just and right” will be significant in cementing change. 

We have so many things in our favour when we try to instil a positive natural mindsetFor us and our people it’s exciting, new and old technologies combine to keep our minds fresh. Our customers can be shown the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and the future proofing from increased and accelerated synthetic refrigerant costs. Clients can also be shown (in most cases) lower energy costs


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu


Training us and our people is a great extension of mindset change. Once we have an open mind and our thoughts in a row, we can perfect and challenge. We can come up with new ideas, new technologiesand new best practice 

All training starts with the teacher, in this case that’s us. teacher should be the greatest learner, you can’t teach what you don’t know. In a changing world we need to constantly learn so our lessons are up to date and informativeInformation on natural refrigerants and technology is everywhere, one of the best available resources is the Danfoss eLearning platform. Everyone at Coolphase, from apprentice to engineer is encouraged to log on and learn. 

Attending ATMOsphere Australia 2019 was especially awesome, learning and hearing the experiences of  so many educated and knowledgeable people. I truly appreciate the opportunity to present and share our own views. The ‘Natural Refrigerant World’ is an exciting place, one we should all take pride in being a part of.