The W’s – Coolphase Values Awards

Recognising Who We Are

We usually make it pretty clear that we are proud of our people and the work that they do. This year to coincide with World Refrigeration Day, we are holding our first annual Coolphase Values Awards – “The W’s”. We’ll have a chilled celebration, throw in a few AWESOME miniaturised trophies and recognise the people that best represent who we are.  

“The W’s, what the hell are W’s” you say… Yep, our crazy sense of humor is at it again… Being unique in all things that we do, our awards just couldn’t be boring. And this month the photo on the wall award goes to blah, blah, blah… ha-ha, no way! So, the W’s are Wadey, Woody and Warney, all three symbolise our core values of Up-Front, Humble and Craftsman. 


The Wadey

The Marvel anti-hero Wade Wilson AKA Dead Pool, is an in your face guy that is brutally honest and extremely up-front. Although we don’t shoot things, we do love honesty and an up-front approach. So, our first W trophy (after countless ebay searches) is a bobble head Dead Pool figurine. 


The Woody

After his early days as a jealous and arrogant “I’m Andy’s one and only” toy, Woody transformed into one of the most humble toys in the world. Woody always helps his friends and goes above and beyond to do what’s rightWe’ve had many occasions where our guys have gone out of their way to help people in need. 


The Warney

It is without question that Shane Warne is the greatest leg spin bowler that the world has ever seen. His bowling was an art form, he was a true craftsman, far superior to other bowlers that were mere skilled technicians. Our best tradesman are proud to be called craftsmen, they always take pride in what you can’t see. Although the motive for this award is greatfinding a Warney doll was impossible, time to get creative! One of Warney’s greatest off-field achievements, without a doubt was Liz Hurleyand after a trip to Zing Pop Culture, we walked away with a Vanessa Kensington Pop vinyl figure. 


As peer voting winds up this morning on “World Refrigeration Day”, we are proud to say that nearly all of our employees have received votes. It’s great that we all share and live our values and are proud of them!