Coolphase offers reliable refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance programs. Maintenance increases the life and effectiveness of your commercial equipment and reduces the chance of costly breakdowns. Commercial refrigeration maintenance programs cover everything from equipment checks to chemical cleans, and will ensure your plant is running at peak performance with better efficiency. At the end of any maintenance a report will be produced which can outline any potential areas for improvement. Our service electricians can also perform a thermal scans of your switchboards, which checks for any hotspots and potential safety hazards. Commercial air conditioning maintenance programs are vital (especially in the lead up to summer!) to safeguard your commercial equipment. Whether it’s a split or ducted system, care and maintence will greatly improve the life and efficiency of your equipment. We also offer energy optimisation for commercial air conditioning, which can reduce energy consumption, saving you money long term.

Services We Offer

Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual Maintenance Programs

Ongoing Maintenance of Commercial Air Conditioning

Ongoing Maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration

Ongoing Maintenance of Industrial Refrigeration