Road Trip

Having Fun and Supporting Regional Communities

When school holidays came up, we thought it was a great opportunity to go on a road trip. We planned to travel through parts of Queensland that we hadn’t been to before. We also took the opportunity to look at some of the cabinets that Coolphase had sent around the country. Some of these refrigeration cases went to places that we had never heard of.


This is how our little trip went…


We left Brisbane on Friday afternoon and headed straight through to Gympie. A long drive on the last day of school. So we found a nice place to sleep and had a great meal at The Bunker Smokehouse and Bar. Our sleep was ok. But being right next to national highway can be a little noisy.

Early on Saturday we grabbed some local bacon and eggs and hit the road.

Our intent for the day was to reach Monto. Stopping off at the Waterfall Creek Rock Pools, the Coalstoun Lakes Craters and the RM Williams Bush Learning Centre. We were reached all destinations, dirt roads, cows and all!



We love to explore and there’s nothing better than exploring your own backyard. And Queensland has a big backyard! The Coalstoun Lakes Craters are some of the youngest volcanic formations in Australia. To see perfectly formed volcanic craters that are 600,000 years old was pretty cool. Equally the Waterfall Creek Rock Pools nestled in rugged bushland were little gems.




Reaching Monto and visiting the local Perry’s IGA was a (work) highlight of the trip. Our cabinets look great and the Kamis add a new shine to the store. We are so happy to be able to support regional communities and provide products that will last many years to come.




The Amethyst and Kami pictured above are our best sellers. They are a great price, reliable and totally functional. We were a little nervous when we supplied the Kamis. The store intended on installing by themselves. But country folk are pretty industrious and they did a great job.


The sites and surroundings of Monto were pretty cool too. It was full of historic buildings and murals. And half an hour outside of Monto is the Cania Gorge National Park. A beautiful dry rainforest full of screeching cockatoos and picturesque scenery.




Our road trip was short but exciting. We saw some great parts of queensland and how our products support regional communities. Thank you to all the warm and friendly people that we met along the way. We can’t wait to see you again when we journey out on our next adventure!