Semi-Vertical Multi-Deck


Semi Vertical Multi-deck Fridge

The Onyx SV is our signature low height “grab & go” convenience food case. Available in M1, M2 & H ratings the Onyx SV can display anything from meats to dairy to produce. This makes it the perfect solution for ready meals. The Onyx SV is part of the Coolphase environmentally friendly R290 range, a range that boasts higher energy efficiency with greater piece of mind.


Semi-Vertical Multi-deck Grab & Go Fridge

Thanks to small dimensions and versatility of use, this semi-vertical multi-deck plug-in fridge is the ideal merchandising solution. The Euro Madeira is a plug-in / self-contained low height “grab and go” commercial fridge. Available in M1 and M2 ratings the Euro Madeira can be used to display everything from meats to dairy to produce. The Euro Madeira is a tropicalised fridge, which means it’s better suited to the Australian Environment.