Cold Room


Modular Cold Rooms

The Unicel Cold Room is a modular cold room that can be purchased flat packed and easily assembled yourself or assembled prior to delivery. Available in a range of sizes and in both Normal Temperature and Low Temperature applications the Unicel Cold Room is the perfect ready to go solution. Simply add your own drop in unit or ask us for a quote. Want to go green? We used the Embraco R290 drop in unit at the recent Metcash Expo!


Hire Cold Room Freezer

Our mobile hire cold room freezer can get you out of a tight spot or keep a bucket load of ice super cold. Designed to run at -20 they’ll freezer the ears off a brass monkey!


Hire Cold Room

Hire cold rooms ready for anything, weddings, emergency storage or a weekend BBQ.


Hire Cold Room with Beer Taps

The pride of our fleet, cold rooms fitted with beer taps. Perfect for parties, festivals and making everyone happy! Available for hire or purchase.