12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty


Multi-deck Freezer Cabinet

Onyx is the newest range of multi-deck display cabinets that run on environmentally friendly R290. The goal is to significantly limit energy consumption, increasing the product load volume and total display area whilst improving air circulation to ensure better product shelf-life. The Onyx Freezer is perfect for the display and sale of all frozen food.


Multideck Freezer Cabinet

The Clio is a multideck commercial freezer running on R290, a natural refrigerant that boasts higher energy efficiency and a low GWP. The Clio has a fantastic load capacity of 1682 litres for the 2 door and 2523 litres for the 3 door. One of the largest display areas on the market. The triple glazed doors are an added bonus saving you 67% of energy costs compared to traditional heated doors.


Promotional Island Display Fridge

The Amethyst is a plug-in / self-contained promotional island display fridge produced by De Rigo Refrigeration. Available in M1, M2 & H ratings, the Amethyst is suitable for displaying produce, cakes, berries, meat, dips and more! The Amethyst contains R290, a natural refrigerant that boasts higher energy efficiency and has a very low global warming potential. The Amethyst can be multiplexed extending the applications that it can be used for.


Promotional Island Display Fridge/Freezer

The Fiji Glass is a plug-in / self-contained dual temperature commercial display fridge. Available for L1, M1, M2 & H ratings, the Fiji Glass can be used to display anything from frozen foods to meats to dairy and fresh fruit & veggies. The Fiji Glass is the most versatile cabinet in our range.


Remote Multideck Display Fridge

The Euro Bali is a remote display fridge that is manfauctured by De Rigo Refrigeration. The Euro Bali is an extremely versatile case, which offers maximum visibility for your products. It’s great for displaying anything from meats to dairy to fresh fruit and veggies. Also as an added bonus, low enegy double glazed doors can be fitted for effciency. The Euro Bali is available in M1, M2 & H ratings.


Multi-deck Freezer Cabinet

The Vortex is our new mid-range freezer that fits perfectly into our low temp line up. It’s size will compliment any convenience store or small supermarket. Combined with a great look and feel, this is the freezer for you.