Our Legendary Push Off

In Support of The Push Up Challenge

On the 2nd of June 2021 we held our first Legendary Push Off in support of the Push Up Challenge. Needless to say, “it was epic”! We were joined by our great friends LSKD, The Wiener Haus, Elev8 Health & Performance, The North Gold Coast Seahawks and Rare Estate by Rebecca Rainford.


“The Push-Up Challenge is getting Australians active, raising awareness of mental health, fostering social connection and promoting health and wellbeing”.



The Event

Our Push Off started with a brief introduction by team leaders. We spoke about why the challenge was important to us and shared our own personal stories. Elev8 Health & Performance explained why a healthy body was crucial for mental health and then cracked into a demonstration. Mitch told us the dos and don’ts of push-ups and then set the crowd off with his 180⁰ rotation. We were away!


Mitch Coolphase Push Up Flip


LSKD and Coolphase had shared a little banter in the weeks prior to the Push Off and now it was time to put their biceps where their mouth was. Us old folks at Coolphase were no match for the up and comers of the sportswear world. Although, I would say we won the North Gold Coast Seahawks shooting comp by default.

Everyone was so enthusiastic with their push-uping, mind over matter, appropriate. And between sets we enjoyed the great Hot Dogs of Wiener Haus and quenched our thirst with a few cold beers. A highlight of the day was a keynote speech by Steve Renouf (3), Broncos legend and Deadly Choices Ambassador. Steve spoke about his experiences and the importance of health checks in the indigenous community. He also highlighted the difficulties indigenous Australians have with their mental health. Thanks Steve, your wise words were well received.


“One in five Australian adults experiences a mental disorder each year (2). In 2021, this equates to over 5 million Australians living with a mental disorder”.


Support & Awareness

The Push Up Challenge were great in supporting our event. Romina their Public Relations Manager organised Michaela (PUC’s Southeast Queensland representative) to come out and record our event. Footage was sent to 7NEWS Gold Coast, but a vandalised pandanus tree stole our spotlight. However, I’ll share one of the recorded videos to help raise a little more awareness on mental health.


*Video includes Jade Cameron from LSKD & Ricky Gatti from Coolphase.



Personally, I am so proud of all the people that helped bring this event to life. And collectively we appreciate everyone that gave up their time and thank the people that donated financially. Hopefully our little event helped bring more awareness to the significance of mental health.


TPUC EDM Banner Gyms Jun 21


  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2009 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 4326.0, 2007. Canberra.
  2. Steve Renouf appears by arrangement with Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers for and on behalf of Coolphase Pty Ltd.