My First Time

A CO2 Triumph

One of our brilliant young technicians Aaron Wulff recently started up his first Co2 rack. We asked him a few questions about his experience. 

Were you nervous?

Definitely! Co2 under the right/wrong conditions can cause a lot of damage, I triple checked my safety setpoints but there’s multiple “what if” scenarios in the back of my mind, the racks come with every ball valve open but some need to be closed for normal operation – figuring out which valves to shut without closing the wrong one. Tight deadline between start up and hand over. But, I was confident enough with my own experience, knowledge and on/off site training with other commissioners/manufacturers.


How did you feel once that first compressor started?

Relieved and proud. Relieved the rack was up, running and was stable for the limited load it had. Proud of myself and my work. Looking back to where I started my trade doing domestic split installs and light commercial HVAC servicing and where I am at now commissioning supermarket refrigeration.


Did you feel you had received adequate training to complete the task?

Yes, Coolphase has organised training days for all technicians. I have been to Sydney twice for Co2 training with both Danfoss and Bitzer, worked alongside other commissioners on new and refit jobs and doing Woolworths after hours breakdown service (fault finding on Co2 racks). It’s also comforting to know help is only ever a phone call away.

We are certainly proud of Aaron! Coming to Coolphase with predominately an air conditioning background, Aaron was quick to embrace the world of commercial refrigeration. That willingness to learn and accept has seen Aaron move through the ranks to now be one of our trusted commissioners. We look forward to watching Aaron’s development for many years to come!