Helping our Homeless Youth

Our short story on helping Homeless Youth on the Gold Coast.

“He walks on, doesn’t look back. He pretends he can’t hear her”. – Phil Collins 

“Is it ok to walk away from someone in need? Is it ok to ignore the helpless? Homelessness in Australia is on the rise and now with Covid job losses, things are about to get worse. Can we stand still; can we listen; how can we help?”

The opening lines from my 13-year old’s persuasive speech assignment for school. Top marks or not, it made me think, I was moved to stop, look back and listen.

At Coolphase we help others, we like to do what’s needed, when it’s needed. So we support our friends, employees, and families, more importantly, we are active in supporting the wider community. We’ve previously donated to the Salvation ArmyBeenleigh Women’s Health and Wellbeing CentreThe Ross Maclean Fellowship and many other small organisations, sporting clubs and charities. But it’s never enough.

Because of my son’s speech we decided to find a homeless & disadvantaged cause on the Coast that could use our help. The Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth posed a great opportunity as we could offer a larger donation by utilising Bartercard Dollars and cash. So, we went to work and contacted the team at GCPHY, they were thrilled that we wanted to help. Cathy was great to talk to and we could hear the appreciation in her voice. We could tell the GCPHY team were passionate about what they did.

About the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth

The Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth is an incorporated community organisation providing accommodation and support for homeless young people in the Gold Coast area.

Their mission:

“To encourage young people to reach their full potential by providing quality services in a safe and supportive environment”.

The GCPHY team supports their clients by using a transitional model that aims to support young people as they move from street to home. The process teaches important life skills and offers a stable foundation for a bright future.

“Studies have shown that the longer a young person maintains housing, the less likely they are to return to a cycle of homelessness”.

If you’d also like to donate to The Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth, you can do so here:

We hope our small gesture (and yours) can help.