Clio Saves Rainbow

There's no Freezer Like Clio

Clio on R290 is the pot of Freezer Gold at the end of the Rainbow!


The Town of Rainbow


If you head North west from Melbourne and drive for about 5 hours, you’ll come to a little town called Rainbow in Country Victoria. It’s a pretty little town and when you finally get there, you’ll find Ian’s Rainbow IGA Store. The heartbeat of the town providing everyone from the locals to the local Pub with their goods, produce and liquor and according to Ian (the store owner).

“It’s the best looking IGA store in Australia”!

“Do you want to know why?…  The town cenotaph is right at the door of the store and the whole bed is ringed with roses – so I’m the only bloke who can stand at the front of his shop and look at a rose bed”.

But even the beautiful rose bed at the front of Ian’s store could not stop the big black clouds from forming over the Rainbow.

Unfortunately, Ian and his store had coped a few too many knocks recently. One blow after another and then another… The tired old remote store freezer finally packed it in, and it seemed this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Rainbow was in trouble…


“The freezer went out the day before I went to hospital so probably a week and a half to two weeks at least” without Frozen storage. “The people went without frozen goods; some went out of  town. Most of them would have gone to Horsham which is probably 110-115km away or Hopetoun or Warracknabeal…Whatever way they go (about an hour on average), so a 2-hour turnaround” justto get their frozen goods”.

“Small businesses can’t afford this”

“If you die, the town die’s… that’s the way a lot of country towns work”.




Ian enlisted the help of his Victorian Area Manager, Scott McCurdy, who Ian says, “really stepped forward when I took crook”.

Scott got right to it and called out to Coolphase for help… He needed a case that was quick to install, had big capacity, was energy efficient to help with the financial blow and a case that was environmentally friendly to compliment the beautiful town of Rainbow.

We had just the thing!

CLIO 2.0:

  • Low Temperature Multideck Freezer with Built-in Unit
  • One of the Largest Displays on the Market
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • 2 and 3 Door Units Available
  • Multiplexable to Create a Continuous Run
  • R290 Green Energy Natural Gas with a GWP of 3
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Thermal Break Frame and Low Emission Doors
  • Saving the Environment and Your Pocket.


Clio to the Rescue


It seems the new freezer Clio 2.0 offered a lot more to Ian and the people of Rainbow… the black cloud has really disappeared!

Everything has started to turn around. It’s now been a good year all round, I’ve got new freezers and we’re starting to pay our bills. I didn’t know if I’d still be here at the end of the year, and now we’re going to come out of it smelling like roses. We’re hoping for good things”.

At Coolphase, we are especially proud of the Refrigeration cases and service we can provide. We strive to go the extra mile with a large team of people who are exceptionally talented at their craft. We do the whole job with excellence or we don’t do it all!

To boot, we have backed it up with an amazing partner in our Italian Refrigeration case supplier, De Rigo Refrigeration, who wowed us from the get-go… De Rigo Refrigeration cabinets are some of the best produced in the world. They are elegant, stylish and manufactured to an awesomely high standard. De Rigo takes awesome to another level with their ability to provide environmentally friendly and energy efficient cases.

We at Coolphase have been dealing with refrigeration display cabinets for a long, long time, and it takes a lot for us to be impressed. But beyond impressed is what we are with De Rigo Refrigeration, and now when we get the call up to offer a solution, we jump right to it!

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Final note


Rainbow is special to all of us at Coolphase and we thank Ian, Scott and their teams for allowing Coolphase to play a part of their successful comeback!