Euroshop 2020

We were at EuroShop purely and simply to support our case supply partner De Rigo Refrigeration, their first attendance in twenty years.




Overwhelming – check

Lots of stuff to look at – check

Sore feet – check

Lack of sleep (due to networking) – check


This was probably our longest trade show visit ever. We were at EuroShop purely and simply to support our case supply partner De Rigo Refrigeration, their first attendance at EuroShop in twenty years. They did a fantastic job, the displays were “Awesome”, their marketing team, sales staff and commitment even better. We congratulate them on a great show and look forward to the next one in 3 years!


Factory Visit


Prior to the show, we travelled to the De Rigo factory Belluno to view new products and learn more about the LEAD production process. While in Belluno we were also lucky enough to visit a recent transcritical Co2 installation. The Installation was at a local Kangaru store (appropriate for an Aussie visit) and included a De Rigo Enex Co2 plant and De Rigo Refrigeration cases. De Rigo’s lead installation engineer was present to discuss the detailed installation process and control of the transcritical system. We look forward to the day when we have our first opportunity to install a project like this.

Back to the show. Making new friends and reuniting with old is a great part of industry trade shows. I’m sure my dancing, drinking games and larrakin antics have made a lasting impression… Wayne got to catch up with nearly everyone he used to work with in the UK, it was good to see him reminiscing about old times.


The Show


With almost 128,000 square meters of refrigeration which mostly comprised of refrigeration cabinets. Conservatively, picking the difference was hard. Arneg, Epta and Carrier had the biggest presence and biggest crowds. One of our favourites was the Hauser stand, apart from the company, the cabinets were “mint”. I was too scared to ask about pricing as the cases were obviously manufactured to a very expensive standard. A huge thank you to Brian Edkins from City, who took time out of his busy schedule to visit the De Rigo Refrigeration stand. We understand that this a very hectic time for the guys from City and every minute is precious. But Brian shared some of that great commodity to listen and show interest, this was certainly appreciated by the De Rigo/Coolphase team.

With thousands of cabinets to see, that are all energy efficient, that all work, that are all good looking, that all vary in price, how do you choose? What makes the De Rigo Refrigeration / Coolphase partnership stand apart? It’s simple, it’s our ability to serve our customers through being honest and responsive.