An Opportunity to Be Bold

Our Partnership with De Rigo Refrigeration

Opportunity is everywhere, and this is our story of a very prosperous meeting. When we met the great people and products of De Rigo Refrigeration.


The Scene


It was a crazy night, Scotty’s birthday. Consequently, the streets of Padova were graced with the presence of several happy go lucky Aussies and Kiwi’s. We were letting our hair down. Partly because it was Scott’s birthday, but mostly because we had a free day the next day. Owing to the cancellation of a factory tour that we had planned for months.

And yep… while pondering a nice sleep-in and recovery, our thoughts were rudely interrupted, “Come to Belluno with us”!

We had been invited to the Eliwell factory, a huge control assembly facility that was worth visiting. But even better than that, we had the opportunity to visit an innovative refrigeration cabinet manufacturing company. Specifically, this is what sparked our enthusiasm. With this in mind, I had no idea what we were about to walk in to.


The Introduction


Set amongst the back drop of the Dolomites a great and elegant sign towered above the busy parking lot and immediately sparked my interest “DE RIGO”. Then we walked through the front door and WOW 😯, the branding was blue (this was going to work, Coolphase blue).

We were introduced to Andrea the Export Manager and Maurizio the CEO. It felt like a job interview. And as a matter of fact we were being tested. De Rigo Refrigeration will not work with anyone that could harm their reputation or brand. But, Coolphase is good, we are proud, professional and passionate, what’s not to like? Granted, we passed the test.


The Tour


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John Maxwell


I’ll never forget the next few moments. Of course, when you see something impressive or meet impressive people, you’re impressed. As we walked into what was like a war room, a plan of action, the leader’s domain, Maurizio and Andrea shared their revolutionary techniques. They showed us how they had changed production processes and had incorporated Toyota’s TPS or Lean Manufacturing system. Their ideas and professionalism showed. Consequently, I was sold on De Rigo Refrigeration before we had seen a fridge, freezer or display.

The next two hours were spent walking production lines. So, we touched and viewed products, we watched processes, we learnt of rigid structures and computerised precision. Robotic arms lifted and stacked, lasers cut and drilled. Inspired by the plans of a craftsman, one by one a small masterpiece was completed.


The Quality


Italian refrigeration cabinets are some of the best in the world. Which means, they are elegant, stylish and manufactured to an extremely high standard. Not to mention, De Rigo Refrigeration takes that quality to another level. In fact, we have been dealing with display cabinets for a long time, and it takes a lot for us to be impressed. But, we were beyond impressed. And now, we’re bringing a piece of that quality and craftsmanship to you!

Our cases are now available for dispatch from Brisbane, to see more of these great products check out our website or give us a call.

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